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Your team’s membership database is the centerpoint of the team. That’s why we’ve integrated our powerful mobile and web based membership management platform from SwimOffice.


Track all your families in Membership > Accounts/Members. Accounts are typically the parents, and Members are the athletes or swimmers. All Members MUST belong to an Account. For Masters Swimmers, they will typically be the Account AND the Member in their account. This operates very similarly to Account/Member Admin in SwimOffice and pulls data from the same database. Changing data here changes the data in SwimOffice and vice versa.
Features common to both:

  • Tap + ADD ACCOUNT (tablet) or add account icon (phone) to do that, then fill in the data on the various tabs and tap SAVE when finished.
    Add new Account
    • Once you have added a new Account, you will need to have them set their password. If they are nearby when you add their account, tap Reset Password on their account screen, then have them enter their password twice and tap RESET PASSWORD. Otherwise, edit their account on the web version on the Accounts tab and click Unverified above the Login Email field. It will send them email with a link to set their password.
  • To add a Member, in an Account profile tap the add swimmer icon in the MEMBERS bar near the bottom, then fill in the data on the various tabs and tap SAVE when finished.
    Add new Member
  • You can directly access athletes on the Members tab.
    Tap Members tab to access directly
    • Tap a button in the green bar that appears below a profile on the right to EDIT, MESSAGE (see next section below), or REMOVE the Account or Member.
    • Likewise, check boxes by names, then tap a button in the green bar that appears below them to MULTI EDIT, MESSAGE, or REMOVE all of your selections at once.
      Select Accounts to multi edit, message or remove
    • Tap tabs in a person’s profile to view their various data.
      Tab Medical tab to view data

Communicate with Membership

OnDeck lets you broadcast messages to multiple Accounts and Members via email, text and push communications.

  1. As described above, select one or more Accounts or Members.
  2. Tap MESSAGE in the green bar below.
  3. Select the message type:
    • Email (address must be verified)
    • SMS (text number must be verified; message will be limited to 160 characters when using this method)
    • Push Notification (user must have logged in to OnDeck and allowed push notifications)
    Select message type to send
  5. Type in Your message to send, or tap Use Canned Message and pick one.
  6. Tap SEND NOW.
  7. If you selected a mixture of those with and without verified or valid addresses/numbers, it will only send the message to those with verified addresses/numbers.
  8. For users receiving push notifications, they will see the notice (or multiple notices if they haven't dismissed them) pop up on their device, both in and out of the app, if they are logged in to OnDeck.
  9. If you message a Member, it will also notify the Account to which they belong. This is so parents are aware of any communication sent to minors.


For USA Swimming teams only, you have the ability to prepare your roster for USA Swimming registration and generate the files to send to your LSC. Tap the third tab at the top to access (USAS Reg. on phone, USA SWIMMING REGISTRATION on tablet).

  • ARCHIVED REG. FILES — Displays all previous registration files you have generated. From there you can view the zip file or PDF.
  • Tap an swimmer's name to view and edit their USAS data.
  • Select one or more swimmers and then tap an option at the bottom.
    Export USAS registration zip file or PDF
    • MULTI-EDIT — Simultaneously update USAS fields for the selected swimmers, such as Registration Status (New, Renew, etc.) and Season (Year Round, Outreach, etc.). Those two fields must be defined before generating a registration package.
    • REBUILD ID# — Build (if blank) or rebuild their USA Swimming ID based on their birthdate and full name. If you receive an error stating their gender or DOB doesn't match, please contact TU Support with their correct full name, DOB and gender and we will make the update for you.
    • EXPORT — Select whether to Generate Reg. Package, which creates an electronic registration package in a zip file to email to your LSC, or a USA Swimming Form, which creates a PDF hard copy of the USA Swimming reg. form for all selected athletes.


Instantly check the balance of all Accounts, create invoices and enter a credit card payments, all without sitting in front of a computer.

  • Tap Menu > Membership > Billing. All accounts will be listed with their current balance. Those with a credit card on file will show the appropriate CC symbol by their name.
    Billing Accounts
  • Select one or more accounts to then tap MESSAGE at the bottom and send them an email or SMS text.
  • Tap a name to see any new invoice items and payments added since the last invoice was generated on the 1st.
    Billing Detail
    • Tap SEND INVOICE to email the last invoice generated on the 1st.
    • Select one or more invoices/payments, and then you can tap REMOVE at the bottom.
    • Tap MESSAGE to send an email or SMS text to the Account.
    • Tap + ADD (tablet) or + (phone) by NEW INVOICES to add a new invoice.
      New Invoice
      • Enter the Charge Name, which Chart of Account to use, and the Amount, then tap ADD INVOICE. It will immediately appear in their account and on next month’s invoice.
    • Tap + ADD (tablet) or + (phone) by NEW PAYMENTS to enter a new payment or refund.
      New Payment
      • Select Receive if they are paying you, or Refund to do that.
      • Select the payment Method. If you have electronic payment processing and they have a CC on file, it will default to that method and have their default CC selected. If you uncheck Use credit card on file, it will enter it as an offline credit card and you will need to manually need to process the CC through your external payment gateway.
      • Enter the payment Amount.
      • Optionally enter a Reference and Memo.
      • Tap POST PAYMENT. If you used their CC it will immediately charge it.


Birthday Tracker

Show your swimmers you care by tracking when their birthdays are and sending them a Happy Birthday message.
Select members to send birthday message

  1. By default, swimmers with birthdays today, tomorrow, and upcoming are displayed. You can also display by Roster or Search by name by tapping the tabs at the top.
  2. Select one or more swimmers, then tap SEND BIRTHDAY MESSAGE.
  3. Select Email and/or SMS and tap Create Message.
  4. Enter your birthday message and tap Send (tablet) or Send Now (phone).

Best Times

Take a look at your swimmers' best times during practice for reference. These come from times imported into SwimOffice or MainSet web.

Tap a swimmer to see their times. The number of results they have is to the right of their name.
Tap a swimmer to see their best times

  1. Tap Filter to select which distances, strokes and course orders you want to see in the results. Tap Sort to sort by event or date. Either or both will turn blue when active.
    Tap row to compare with best times
  2. Tap a result row to see all results for that event and compare with best times (see below).
  3. Tap a time to convert between SCY, SCM, and LCM.
  4. Tap a stopwatch to see splits.

Compare Best Times with Time Standards

Best Times Compare

  1. The fastest time is initially selected. Tap another to see how it compares with the standards below it.
  2. Tap to initially select time standards or pick different or more ones.
  3. Hides/shows standards.
  4. Tap to hide/show the blue horizontal line displaying the time of the selected best time.
  5. Swipe left/right to see all standards. Tap a bar to see its time standard name and cut.

Time Standards

You and your swimmers can see how they stack up against selectable time standards. OnDeck will automatically default to the standards for your region, and you can add additional time standards in SwimOffice.

  1. Start by tapping Select Standards at the bottom.
  2. The standards default to regional standards for the current year. To change this, tap My Region, choose a region, Done. You may also tap the Year to choose a different year.
    Select one or more Time Standards
  3. Select one or more standards, DONE.
  4. Select a distance, stroke and course.
    Select distance, stroke, course, gender and cut
  5. Tap Filter if you would like to collapse the stroke picker.
  6. Select MALE or FEMALE.
  7. Tap a standard under an age group to see who did and didn't make the cut on the right.
  8. Use the arrows at the top to cycle through the different cuts.
    Time Standard Detail
  9. To include swim up athletes when checking a standard, tap SWIM UP at the bottom, then enter the number of years younger to include, APPLY.


Next we'll learn about events, meet entries and timing races in OnDeck.