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Assign Members to Groups

Once you have defined your Billing Groups, Sub Billing Groups, Roster Groups and Locations, and entered your recurring fees, you must now assign your members to these Groups. Doing this is what will cause them to actually get charged those fees. If you are about to launch your first Online Registration you will assign members from there after they register, but it’s still a good idea to assign everyone to Groups in advance.

Steps to Customize Filters and Multi-Edit assignments

Unless you have a single Roster Group you will likely be assigning members to various Groups. The filtering and multi-edit capabilities will make this process quick and easy.

  1. In the side menu click Team Admin > Account/Member Admin.
  2. Click Members tab.
  3. If you need to apply any filters to narrow your selections,
    1. Click Customize Filters.
    2. Click a filter on the left, such as Billing Group.
    3. Click as many selections on the right as you want.
    4. Repeat the above two steps for as many filters as you want.
    5. Make sure to move non-active members into Groups as well. You can use the Member Status filter for this. Just uncheck Active so that none are selected and that will include all statuses.
    6. Click Done.
  4. Click the check box by as many members as you want to move into a certain Group, or click the check box by the Last Name column header to select all.
  5. Click Edit > Multi-Edit Members.
  6. Click a Group type you want to move members into, such as Set Roster Group.
  7. Select the Group to move them into, such as Silver.
  8. Repeat above two steps if you want to simultaneously move them into a different Group type, such as Billing Group.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Repeat for additional members to move into other Groups.

Now your members should belong to all the correct Groups.

We have one final step to complete, and that is verifying all Groups and charges are correct.