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Randy Dod

Senior Product Trainer and Technical Writer
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Note: Coaching Tools used to be called MainSet. We are updating all documentation and videos to reflect this. You can now find Coaching Tools within SwimOffice Pro instead of the MainSet website.

When you initially sign up for SwimOffice Pro there are a few tasks you need to do with Coaching Tools to get set up and running.

Once you’ve completed your initial setup, you’ll want to know some basic navigation and searching features.

When it comes to actually running your team, your first step is to schedule all your practices.

Now that your practice calendar is created, it’s time to write workouts to assign to a practice.

A practice is composed of one or more workouts. You can add multiple workouts to a single practice instance—one for each swimmer group.

The day of a practice, you will first take attendance for everyone, then actually run the practice.

Everything done in Coaching Tools instantly creates performance reports for coaches, families and swimmers to see with no extra work.

View all the videos recorded in OnDeck, and import and view video recorded in other devices and apps.

Tips & Tricks

What You'll Learn

  • Write workouts and then add them to scheduled practices
  • Create custom tags to make reusing workouts faster
  • Create frequently used strokes and swim descriptions
  • Schedule your practices by color-coded roster groups
  • View and print reports for intensity, attendance and test sets
  • Import video you can share with coaches and swimmers