Taking full advantage of MainSet is easy. Please download the user guide and/or watch these videos to begin setting up your MainSet platform. We also take you through a tour of the web application, how to write workouts on the web, and then take a quick 8 minute tour of the mobile application. Lastly we walk you through recording and sharing videos and how to use your library to quickly build workouts. Please let us know if you have any question by emailing support@teamunify.com.

MainSet System Setup


MainSet Web Overview


Write Workouts in MainSet Web


MainSet Mobile Application Tour

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Record and Share Videos


Reuse Sets to Quickly Build Workouts



Are my saved views passed along to others devices I use MainSet on?
Yes. Any view that you save will be uploaded to the cloud and not stored locally to the device, enabling you to access saved views from any device you use.
Why is there a red OnDeck logo next to certain attendance reports?
The OnDeck logo indicates that the OnDeck was used to take attendance for that Practice.
Will MainSet allow me to add a set to a workout with a different course type?
Yes. Just realize it will leave the distance the same; it will not convert it to the equivalent distance in the new course type.
What is the green circle icon in Practice Calendars with the swimmer inside?
This indicates that you have swimmer(s) assigned to the practice where the icon is visible.
How do I set up Touch ID?
MainSet will know if your device has support for TouchID. When you initially launch Mainset and your device supports Touch ID, you will see the Remember Me checkbox pre-checked. Next step is to check the Enable Touch ID box and read the instructions, tap OK, tap the Login button and lay your registered finger over the home button and MainSet will register this with your device. For all subsequent Logins, tap the Login button.
What are the minimum system requirements to use MainSet?
Hardware: iPod Touch, iPhone 4,5,6,6+. All iPads. Minimum operating system: iOS 8 or higher.
Can I edit video that has already been uploaded?
No. Once a video has been uploaded into the TeamUnify/MainSet cloud there is no ability to further edit your video.
Can I rearrange the menus in MainSet Mobile Application?
Yes. Open the menu sidebar by tapping the “hamburger” in the upper left of the application. Then long press on the menu you want to move and drag it to the desired location in the listing. Important: The 1st menu item in the list will be the first screen that you see when you sign into MainSet. Tip: You can even reorder sub menu items within a primary menu by repeating the previous instruction.
Is there any limit on the amount of video I can upload or share?
No. You are allowed to upload unlimited video into the TeamUnify/MainSet cloud. Additionally, playback of shared videos are unlimited too!
Will using MainSet consume all of my allocated mobile data?
Data usage for MainSet without uploading recorded or imported videos is extremely low. However, if you are uploading video over a cellular network, not a WiFi network, this will require significant data usage and could cause you to exceed your allowed data transfer amounts. You should always use a WiFi network when uploading video whenever possible.

To monitor your data usage, following the steps below:
  1. Tap Settings > Cellular
  2. Scroll down and look for MainSet application and you will see a number such as 1.1MB or GB. Numbers in MBs are considered small amounts. It should be rare to see numbers for MainSet in the GB range (unless you've uploaded videos over a cellular connection).
Most paid data plans offer data rates that are measured GB amounts.
When does Intensity and Test Set reporting become available for a Practice?
Immediately after the duration of the workout has passed.
What is the blue SwimOffice icon (link) at the top of the MainSet website?
This indicates that you are current customer of TeamUnify and are using the SwimOffice Team Management Platform. Clicking this icon will open a new browser tab and automatically sign you in at your current administrative privilege level.
Can I access MainSet’s Web App from my mobile device’s browser?
Yes. Just login the same way you would on a desktop PC at mainset.com.
How do I see my pricing and license agreement?
In the Web App click Settings > Billing.