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Access and communicate with every Account and Member on your team, who are typically the parents and kids. Older swimmers may be both the Account and the Member in their own account. If you are a SwimOffice customer, you will automatically see all Accounts and Members from your team site. These tabs work exactly like Account/Member Admin in SwimOffice, so feel free to skip to the Scheduling Practices lesson if you already know how to use them.

If you are a MainSet-only customer, you will want to add all your Accounts and Members here, as everything depends on them being in MainSet. This also allows them to access all things MainSet—practices, communication, videos and reports. Hopefully your deployment rep was able to help you get them into MainSet.

Add/Edit an Account

To add or edit Accounts, you must have Superuser access. If you do not have this, please speak to a Superuser on your team about either giving you that access or adding the people for you.

  1. Click the Accounts tab.
  2. Click + Add Account in the upper right or click a name to edit.
  3. Fill in all required fields with a red asterisk *. If you don't know the exact information, upon login, the Account will be able to update it themselves. Of course their email address must be correct to reset their password and login!
    1. Note that while the account can have up to 4 email addresses, only the first one in the list can be used as the Sign In email address. All other emails will be used for communication purposes ONLY.
  4. If you want to give them MainSet admin/coach access,
    1. If you want to make the user an Assistant Coach or Head Coach, you must set their Admin Level to at least Email/Print/Calendar. See User Admin type access level definitions for more info.
      Select admin level
    2. Check the MainSet Coach box, then select the coach level to give them.
      Designate coach and admin level
  5. Click Save in the upper or lower right.
    1. If there is any missing or incorrect information, you will see an error message at the top of page in red. You will need to correct the error before the account can be saved.
  6. If this is a new account, when they try logging in to MainSet they can click Forgot Password?, type their login email and click Send. Next they check their email and open the Password Assistance email, click the link, set their password and click Change Password. They will then be able to login with the password they just set.
  7. To add Members to the Account, skip to the section below.
  8. Click the red X in the upper right to exit.

Add a Member

You can only add Members from the Accounts tab (see above section). Again, you must be a Superuser to do this.

  1. Add or edit an Account.
  2. Click the Add Members or Members tab.
  3. Click + Add New Member.
    Click Add New Member
  4. If you have a picture of the Member, either click Upload Image and double click the one you want, or simply drag it onto the window. The minimum size is 120x120 pixels. You can also take their picture in MainSet Mobile after adding them here.
    Or drag a photo into the window
  5. Fill in the various fields. Make sure to assign them to a Roster and Location for attendance and filtering purposes.
    Assign Roster and Location
  6. Click Save.
    1. If there is any missing or incorrect information, you will see an error message at the top of page in red. You will need to correct the error before the account can be saved.
  7. Click the red X in the upper right to exit.

Other Editing Tasks

You can perform these other tasks after selecting one or more Accounts/Members and clicking Edit.
Select Accounts or Members and click Edit

  • Edit Accounts(s) or Edit Members — Allows you to edit several Accounts or Members without having to leave the profile screen. Navigate among them by clicking the dropdown by the name at the top and selecting the desired person.
  • Multi-Edit Accounts or Multi-Edit Members — Opens a dialog where you can change a property, such as Roster Group, all at once for the selected Accounts or Members. Superuser access required.
  • Display Members (Accounts only) — Switches to the Members tab with only the Members displayed who belong to the selected Accounts.
  • Delete — Delete the selected Accounts or Members. You cannot delete Accounts if they have had any billing activity in SwimOffice. If you accidentally delete someone, use the Undelete function to restore them. Superuser access required.
  • Undelete — If you just deleted someone and haven't done anything else yet, they should still be visible on the screen. Select them again and click Edit > Undelete. But if you've since done other things on the site, before using this to restore deleted Accounts or Members, you must first be able to see them. Superuser access required.
    1. Click Customize Filters.
    2. Click Include Deleted Records.
    3. Click Deleted on the right, Done.
    4. Select one or more deleted Accounts or Members.
    5. Click Edit > Undelete.
    6. Click Customize Filters.
    7. Click Include Deleted Records.
    8. Click Deleted on the right to deselect it, Done.
  • Reset T-Shirt Size (Members only) — This is typically used in SwimOffice at the start of a season to reset everyone’s t-shirt size to blank to force everyone to enter their correct t-shirt size during registration. Superuser access required.

Communicate via Email or Text

MainSet gives you several different ways to communicate with Accounts and Members. Make sure to take advantage of Customize Filters to narrow down your list, then select one or more Accounts or Members, click Communicate and select one of the following methods:

Communicate menu

  • Send New Email — Enter the subject, additional recipients separated by commas, attachments, message, and click Send. It will CC any secondary emails in the Account. If you email a Member it will CC their Account they belong to; that is, emailing a kid will copy their parents on the message.
  • Send SMS, a.k.a. text message (number must be verified; message will be limited to 160 characters when using this method) — Enter a message and click Send. It will send the user(s) a text message.
  • Request Email Verification — Sends the selected users an email with a link they can click that verifies their email as valid. You can only send emails in OnDeck to users with verified email addresses.
  • Request SMS Verification — Sends the selected users a text message with a link they can click that verifies their SMS number as valid. You can only send SMS texts in MainSet and OnDeck to users with verified SMS numbers. Users typically take care of this when they add their SMS number.
  • Invite to MainSet (Accounts only) — A perfect way to invite everyone on your team to start using MainSet. Select this option to see what the email looks like, and then click Send.

Export Account/Member Data

MainSet gives you a variety of ways to export user data. Select one or more Accounts or Members, click Export and select one of the following methods:
Select Accounts or Members and click Export

  • Avery 8160 Labels — Mailing labels.
  • Custom Excel Export — Terrific way to export only the information you need to then manipulate in Excel as you see fit. Visible columns are selected by default; select/deselect desired fields and click Create Report.
  • Attendance Report (Members only) — Enter the start and end dates, then click Generate to create an Excel report.
  • Individual Attendance Report (Members only) — Creates an on-screen attendance report for selected Members that defaults to the last 30 days. Use the dropdown or arrows at the top to navigate among Members. For attendance taken in MainSet, click the name in the Workout column to see its details.
  • Print Attendance Checksheet (Members only) — Enter a title, month and year, then click Print to generate a PDF attendance sheet for the selected Members.
  • Member Directory (Members only) — Enter a title, such as a roster name, select details to include and click Generate to make a nice PDF directory.


Now for the good stuff, starting with scheduling practices.