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A Coach in MainSet is an admin. All three admin levels—Videographer, Assistant Coach and Head Coach—are considered a Coach. Although you can designate them in the Accounts tab (and you can only add new ones there), the Coaches tab provides a convenient way to designate users as Coaches.

Add a New User

If you want to add someone who does not have an Account in MainSet, you will need to add them in the Accounts tab. You can set them as a MainSet Coach at the same time.

Add a Coach

This is for users who have an Account in MainSet. We cover this under Designate MainSet Users.

Remove a Coach

Simply click the red Remove link next to a Coach in the right hand Selected Coaches list. This does not remove their Account or change their (SwimOffice) admin level; it only disables their MainSet Coach admin access.

Click to Remove coach


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