Randy Dod
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Randy Dod

Senior Product Trainer and Technical Writer


Maximize your effectiveness by learning the common navigation tools and controls used throughout OnDeck.


TeamFeed is our private social network used to communicate with your team and simultaneously post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Never again lift a pen to paper to track attendance by using OnDeck.



Your team’s membership database is the centerpoint of the team. That’s why we’ve integrated our powerful membership management platform from SwimOffice.

Events & Meet Entries

Commit and approve athletes in events, manage jobs, and time athletes in races.


Run Meet/Time Races

After submitting entries to the meet host and you are at the meet, you can (optionally) assign athletes to heats & lanes, and time athletes and relay teams in races.

Meet Results

View meet results from any past meet, all in the palm of your hand.


Job Manager

Job administrators can check people into their job(s) or indicate no-shows, add new time slots and entirely new jobs, and send emails and/or text messages to one or many volunteers.


Team administrators and coaches can add a news article while working at a swim meet, add photos and a voice note, then instantly post it to the team’s website.

Coaching Tools

SwimOffice Pro customers have access to powerful tools including writing workouts, timing test sets, unlimited video recording, and detailed reports.

Cool Tools

These tools include a multi-lane stopwatch, time converter, and pace calculator.;

Tips & Tricks

What You’ll Learn

  • Access your entire membership database within OnDeck
  • Approve athlete meet entries
  • Take attendance and view past attendance
  • Message parents with email and SMS texts
  • Time multiple lanes with a single coach
  • Check in job volunteers right at meets
  • Instantly post news articles while on deck
  • Cool tools like a pace calculator, time standards and more...