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Billing System

Join us to get a complete overview of the Billing System. This webinar is ideal for teams new to the Billing System, or teams thinking about activating it. SIGN UP

Online Registration

Join us as we walk through setting up and managing the online registration system. Reducing paperwork, data-entry, and more is just minutes away. SIGN UP

Meet Entries

Join us to learn how to leverage the Meet Entry system. We will cover the best practices in placing swimmers in events and running entry reports. SIGN UP


Join us as we explore the power of the OnDeck mobile app. Learn how to take attendance, manage job sign ups and more. Coming Soon

TUMoney/Event Fundraising

Join us to learn how teams have raised over $28,000,000 and growing with an average online donation over $82. This is one you do not want to miss! SIGN UP

Jobs/Service Hours System

Join us as we cover the Job Sign Up and Service Hours tracking system. You can even manage this from the OnDeck mobile app. SIGN UP

Website Editing

Join us as we teach how to make the most of your content management system to produce a sharp looking website. You will walk away with helpful website editing tips & tricks. SIGN UP

TouchPad Meet Management

Join us as we teach you setting up a meet, syncing to SwimOffice, inviting teams to the meet, accepting entries, and running a swim meet in TouchPad. SIGN UP


For new teams we will explain how to get up and running. This will including website editing, member management, and uploading your membership and times database. SIGN UP

Coaching Tools Workout Management

For teams that have purchased SwimOffice Pro. Join us as we get you up and running with this revolutionary workout and practice management application. SIGN UP