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Customer Extras - YMCA TeamUnify Team

TeamUnify customers will find additional functionality in the Coaches tab and the Meet Sanctions tab, both under the YMCA Admin tab. As a TeamUnify customer you can communicate and export data from these two tabs.

Also, you have the ability to create or transition Members into YMCA coaches.

Communication Suite

You can communicate with a coach using SMS or Email directly from the YMCA Admin area. To access this feature go to YMCA Admin > Coaches. Coaches must have a valid email address and a verified SMS number to successfully send communication.


Learn how to verify an SMS number in our Knowledge Base.

SMS Communication

To send an SMS, the coach must have a verified SMS number. To verify an SMS, enter a number into the coach SMS field by selecting a coach and in General Information adding an SMS Number and SMS Carrier make sure to Save.


With the number entered select a coach and then click Communication button and click Request SMS Verification.


Once verified go to the Coaches Tab select the coach or coaches you would like to communicate with, click the Communication button > Send SMS.


Fill out the form with your desired SMS message then select Send.


Email Communication

To send an Email, the coach must have a valid email address. To send, go to the Coaches tab, select the coach or coaches you would like to communicate with, click the Communication button and then select Send New Email.


You will then be prompted with an email form. Complete the form and then click Send once complete.


Exporting YMCA Data

One of the great additional features included for YMCA TeamUnify customers is the ability to export custom reports for both the Coaches tab and the Meet Sanctions tab inside of YMCA Admin. These reports function similar to the reports found in the Account/Member Admin area of your TeamUnify site and can be customized to export the exact data you are looking for into an Excel (.xlsx) format.

In YMCA Admin on either the Coaches or Meet Sanctions tabs select the coaches or meet sanctions you want to export data for then click Export > Custom Excel Export.


Once selected you will have a pop-up screen prompt you to select the information you would like to export and then click the Create Report button. If you would like to export all fields simply click the Select All button before you create your report.


A Custom Excel (.xlsx) file will then be downloaded.

Thank you for using the YMCA Admin area of the YMCA Registration Portal. Keep your eyes out for more great features and help coming soon. If you need any further assistance please click on the red question mark in the lower right hand site of your TeamUnify site to contact TU Support and we will be more than happy to help you out.